Most of the time when a guy tells you that he loves you, he is only thinking about one person, and that is himself. Just wanting the "goods", regardless of the consequence or the emotional wreck its going to leave you in. 

Well, one way girls, to know if your boyfriend truly loves you or even cares about you is if he doesn't push you to do something that you don't want to do.

Girls, there are still some good guys in the world.  Just take the time to look for for them.

Love and respect youself. Save sex for marriage! 

I've always been told that TRUE LOVE REALLY CAN WAIT!

Shavoris Cross
01/14/2012 16:12

Mrs. Delita this is wonderful. I love it!!!! Please don't give up on our youth. May God bless you in all you do!!!

Delita Johnson
01/14/2012 19:05

Thanks Shavoris!!!! I won't stop, I won't quit. I REFUSE to give up or give in. Be blessed.


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    Mother of three boys and a husband of 22 years who wished desperately that she had saved her gift (virginity) from God for marriage. She now reaches out to others with the message of abstinence.


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