Just because society says "its okay" or makes it appear to be okay DOES NOT mean that it is okay. When the Word of God says "THOU shall NOT", then "THOU shall NOT!" Regardless of what the world is doing. If you are a Christian, then your daily walk should be Christ-like not World-like. Stop compromising! Your soul is at stake. 
Who are you going to choose to follow??? Society or Christ??? Society will send you to hell, Christ will grant you eternal life.
     The Bible tells us to transform our minds and DO NOT conform to the world (Romans 12:1-2). So,,, is it okay? Really? 
     Stop what you are doing (every unspiritual act), ask God to forgive you (1 John 1:9)  and move forward. Because it is not okay.

Sex before marriage...NOT OKAY
Homosexuality...NOT OKAY
Beastiality...NOT OKAY
Teenage pregnancy (unmarried)...NOT OKAY
Smoking...(NOT OKAY)
Drinking...(NOT OKAY)


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    Delita N. Johnson

    Mother of three boys and a husband of 22 years who wished desperately that she had saved her gift (virginity) from God for marriage. She now reaches out to others with the message of abstinence.


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